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Although we farm in an intensive manner, we take great pride in the planting of trees, hedges, pollen and

nectar rich flower mixes and winter bird food mixes. These plantings help provide extra habitat for wildlife

and enhance the wider environment.

We have approximately 15 kilometres of windbreaks and hedges all of which have a 4 metre strip underneath which is left untouched. This allows extra habitat for insects and other small invertebrates. This in turn provides more food for the birds to flourish and breed as well as providing extra cover and nesting sites.

Providing these undisturbed areas also creates breeding sites for the wild beneficial insects that help control pests such as aphids. This natural population boosts the numbers of beneficial insects we introduce onto the farm and means we no longer use pesticides in our crops.

Our raspberries are grown in pots containing coir (processed coconut husk). Strawberries are grown in grow

bags also containing coir which are raised up on gutters known as table tops. Once the growing cycles are completed all our growing media is collected from the fields and reused as a soil conditioner. The pots and

tunnel poly are also recycled.

Any fruit which is not good enough to retail is sent away to be processed into puree so there is no waste.

All our cardboard and plastic waste is recycled. Our punnets are made from recycled PET - which is itself recyclable. Our tunnel covers are used for 5-6 years and then recycled into other items. We consider

recyclability whenever we purchase anything.

We also capture rain water from some of our tunnel structures which is used to supplement our irrigation requirements. This means we have reduced the amount of water abstracted from our aquifer.

There are solar panels on some of the buildings. This power is used to help run our coldstores.

Farming in a sensitive manner is important to us and for that reason we are members of LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming)

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